M3 is a global healthcare technology company and an effective digital healthcare platform, which is supported by a strong community and heritage.

M3 operates in the US, Asia and Europe (M3 (EU)) with more than 1 million physician doctor members globally via its websites such as M3.com, MDLinx, Medigate and Doctors.net.uk. M3 drive innovation and create connections within our global physician communities enabling brands to cultivate their target audiences effectively. We deliver highly targeted impactful digital programmes to over 3.5 million physicians across 248 markets.




medeConnect is an expert in online quantitative and qualitative, community-based research, with unrivalled understanding of medical professionals worldwide. It is the independent full service market research division of Doctors.net.uk and has access to and understanding of medical professionals via a range of state-of-the-art research tools and techniques.

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Networks in health

Networks in health

Launched by Doctors.net.uk in March 2011, Networks in Health is the largest global alliance of online physician communities. The alliance assists the growth of physician communities around the world.

These include Egora & La Revue du Praticien in France, Medcenter in Spain and Portugal, Coliquio in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, MedUniverse in Sweden, E-healthspace in Australia, and mdBriefCase Inc. in Canada.


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