offers a range of market-leading services that deliver measurable impact and outcomes.

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Services include:

Targeted display advertising (CPM and CPC), solus emails, e-newsletters, promotional campaigns, educational programmes, recruitment services, and market research services (as medeConnect Ltd).

Reasons to work with

  • 1. provides reach to over 200,000 doctors through a trusted channel
  • 2. All doctors are authenticated and have given permission to receive information
  • 3. Services are precisely targeted by each doctor's profile
  • 4. Careful measurement allows you to assess the impact and outcomes of your programme

Promotional Programmes (edetails)

Promotional Programmes (edetails)

Bespoke promotional content is developed in collaboration with the client and/or creative agencies to engage with the target audiences and communicate sales messages as well as useful information to doctors. more ›

Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment Advertising provides advertising services to a wide range of organisations, both UK and international, including NHS trusts, GP practices, locum agencies, pharmaceutical companies, charities, private healthcare companies and recruitment agencies. more ›

education (CME)

education (CME) provides online CME programmes and has delivered over 1 million hours of continuing professional development (CPD) to doctors. more ›

Advertising and Sponsorship

Advertising and Sponsorship provides a comprehensive range of display advertising solutions ranging from banner advertising sold on a cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) basis through to solus emails and sponsorship of our disease awareness campaigns. more ›


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